Some Intraday trading rules

Your trading success will most likely come from factors like these:

1. Having a complete trading strategy in advance of all trades. All the way from planning to outcome.

2. Having an edge.  'Knowing' that your trades are likely to be profitable (over time).

3. Having a disciplined attitude & patience to wait. Always follow your strategy 110%.

4. Having a winning mindset. Believe in what you do, and how you do it.

5. Keeping a journal. Write down or make screen shots, keep track of your trading action.

6. Learn from your mistakes, but also from what you do well. Write it all down.

7. Trade your suitable style. How you trade must fit your timeframe, your personality, and your schedule.

8. Keep focused and enjoy. It all comes down to practice and experience.


Feel free to add more points or changes to the list: