VOLATILITY (indicative)

30 MIN. 02.60 00.05 022 030 00.70 00.06 012 00.14
2 HRS. 05.70 00.13 041 050 01.00 00.12 029 00.50 
4 HRS 09.40 00.18 048 067 01.30 00.17 037 00.70
6 HRS 12.50 00.22 061 086 01.30 00.17 033 00.80
DAILY 22.00 00.50 136 179 02.60 00.33 074 01.80
WEEKLY 52.00 01.50 306 426 05.40 00.69 157 03.90

*Gold and Silver are updated as of Friday Aug. 6., 2021. Other 30 min rows are updated as of 02. Sep .2020 Intraday-price-moves for certain timeframes (showing 'volatility' or range expected). Ex: If @ 02:00 PM Gold has already moved USD 14 that day, then it's less likely to move much further that day. Within a 2 hour period for ex., expect USD 3 move for GOLD and so on. Always be happy to acheive gains equal to the specified time-range. The table is also useful for stop-loss distances.


Soft commodities into week 43.

The lower prices for Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa are presented below.

- Continuing the chart above from last week. There is now overhead resistance to "collective" Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices. The chart shows a lower low and a lower high on the weekly time scale. This signals potentially lower rather than higher prices for the soft commodities to come.

Facts on Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa

So what about inflation - any pressure for Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices?

Absoulutely NOT. Looking at the 3 common soft commodities there is very little inflation in broader terms;  Since February 2020 into July this year, these commodities actually collectively fell 17%. The latest 13 weeks they are up 16%. The soft commodity markets are still lower than they where in February 2020, and also compared to December of last year.

The question becomes rather if it is ok to view them all 3 in the very same chart...


Looking at the weekly graph, there now seems to be collectively price resistance around the two former peaks formed the last two winterseasons. After the recent upside price pressure, history shows prices could quickly reverse down again or pause at current levels.

Monthly changes

Ever wondering how a particular asset is doing through a certain month?

There is now a monthly performance view for each and every month from 2001 - present in:

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

The monthly changes table is located below the indicators on the respective sites.


Soft commodities to Oct 19th

- Blending Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices in one chart below.

The chart above shows how the three commodities are developing in 2021 vs earlier years. The weaker seasonal period from late February to May produced no change this year. The current and yearly stronger seasonal stage (May to October) is so far producing + 15%. 

According to seasonality and its historical facts, there is potentially more upside over the next 2 months. Lately, it has been coffee, and now it's sugar driving the prices higher. Cococa could soon be picking up steam also. To see each commodity individually, head over to their respective sections for the regular updates. Obviously, there will be breaks along the way for the price developments.

Trading is risky, it is vital to always to keep stop losses in place at a preferred level in - for financial instrument.

Pre US opens Tuesd 03. Aug.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Tuesday 03. August 2021.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

Markets Thursday July 29.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Thursday 29th of July 2021.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

Tuesday 27th of July.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Tuesday the 27th of July 2021.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

Indices & Commodities Thurs 15th

All sections are updated pre US openings for Thursday the 15th.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAX and Bitcoin.

Indices and Commodities Wedn 14th

All sections are updated pre US openings for Wednesday July 14th.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAX and Bitcoin.

Monday July 5th 2021

All categories are updated under respective sections.

Mid day Monday 21st of June

Sugar, Cocoa, Nasdaq100 and DAX sections are updated as of now.


Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa - Giving you the updated seasonal chart of the soft commodities. The dark line is so far in 2021. The red line represents the day to day movements throughout the year, - collectively over the last 15 years.

Each of them counts 1/3 each in this graph meaning they are equally weighted.

070621 - softs seasonality

Going forward it will be interesting to see how well this seasonal floor from May 24 will hold going into + - October 19th.

At times, partners and associates of intraday.se do carry positions in the commodities mentioned. If you choose to take part in the commodities space, make sure you always fully understand the risk involved trading these volatile assets. See Disclaimer.

The importance of time

Seldom you read or hear about how a certain intraday of the week could be more important to watch and trade than another.

Looking at this table below, you quickly see that some days are so called up-days and some days are down-days. Revealing the numbers behind the colors will probably shock you! There are extreme differences to the performance of certain intradays.

2019 DAILY

So far in 2019, if you are long the Nasdaq100 index going into Thursdays, you are most likely to see the index fall significantly through that day. The very same is true for metals, where Thursdays are clearly the worst performing day of the week for both the Gold and the Silver.

If you would like to see the actual numbers behind the Reds and the Blues, simply send an email to intraday@intraday.no and the answers will be received for free.

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Commodities - 5.3%

Commodities are weakening and now trading below the February 2nd lows. The latest peak 15 days ago was a lower high than the one January 3rd..

For 2019, Gold Silver Coffee Sugar and Cocoa are collectively - 5.3%. Since Nasdaq100 peaked for an all-time-high 159 days ago above 7.600 October 1st. 2018, the commodity index (below) is + 9.6%.


As for now, commodities are trending lower (in the shorter term) until markets see renewed strength to the red line above.

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Happy Trading!

Trading ranges

030119 - tradingrange table percent

Its moving up, its moving down, but how much is it actually moving within a certain timeframe?

Trading ranges are important because they tell you how much your trade or investment may move within a certain timeframe. Many traders use trading ranges as an effecient parameter to place stop loss - and take profit orders.

The table above shows how much Euro to USD, Gold- and Silver prices, the Dax index, Platinum, the Nasdaq100 index, Sugar-, Coffee-, Cocoa-, and Oil prices and Bitcoin moves within set timeframes. The currency pair Euro to USD, Gold- and Silver prices moves the least, as Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Oilprices and Bitcoin makes the most and solid price moves.

The table shows the average trading range of the last 1.000 bars for its timewindow.'1 DAY and 1 WEEK' shows the daily and weekly trading ranges for 2018.

30 MIN more than 0.5%: Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, WTI Oil and Bitcoin.

2 HRS more than 1%: Coffee, Cocoa, WTI Oil and Bitcoin.

4 HRS more than 1.5%: Cocoa and Bitcoin.

6 HRS more than 2%: Bitcoin.

1 DAY more than 2%: Nasdaq100 index, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, WTI Oil and Bitcoin.

1 WEEK more than 5%: Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, WTI Oil and Bitcoin.


Sugar prices Thursday 25. & Friday 26th.

The Sugar contracts have been trending significantly higher the last 2 months since testing August 2015 LOW levels on August 22nd 2018. When this commodity starts trending, it does it beautifully.

Looking towards the shorter term moves below, there is a researched intraday pattern in Sugar # 11 Futures contracts for Thursday 25th and Friday 26th linked together.


A major timewindow is intended Thursday afternoon around 14:30 CEST, for then to keep trending through Friday. But you never know.

Anyhow - do not fight the tape - the trend is usually your friend.

Remember to keep a preferred stop loss in place at all times (average daily range is 0.35).

This is a 30 minute bar chart.

...And below is the actual intraday chart for the two tradingdays.

Sugar Actual for Thursday 25. & Friday 26

The 14:30 timewindow proved to be essential and behaved inverse to the sited map into 10 o'clock Friday. The trend from Thursday continued through Friday.

Sugar daily volatility


Spot Sugar’s daily trading range averages $ 0.33 or 2.61% so far in 2018, a little less than last year of 2.73%.


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