• Are there changes in the weekly chart pattern?

• Is present seasonal period strong or weak?

• Are shorter term indicators strong or weak?

• Stop loss - adjustments?

• What about sitting on the sideline until next opportunity?

Monthly Start
Jan 23.27
Feb 22.64
Mar 25.37
Apr 24.60
May 22.77
June 21.84
July 19.87
Aug 20.36
Sep 17.99
Oct 19.01


Spot and nearby Silver contracts, and Futures contracts explained.




The Silver seasonality chart compares this year to earlier years. Red signal market in a weaker seasonal period. Blue signal market in a stronger seasonal period.

Seasonality + 7%
Silver prices - 19 %
Current Seasonality Strong to 04. Sept.


Daily closings of Silver prices in USD per OZ through the lens of strength and weakness.


Silver prices for the current year vs last year.


Silver prices this year compared to 2 years ago.


Silver prices this year compared to 3 years ago.


'One seldom walks alone'...


These are daily indicators only. There is no directly Silver price action in this chart above. What you see are formulated MACD and RSI levels to signal strength / weakness in Silver.


This is indicator derived from daily RSI developments. Red is weakness and blue is strength.

SILVER WEEKLY ( Longer perspective )

Average weekly trading range in 2022 as of after week 42: USD 1.3.

This is an updated weekly chart of the Spot Silver prices in USD from post every Friday. It is created from a modified formula of week's open high low and close to identify a clear picture of the ongoing trend. Now, scroll down to the Monthly chart to see the even longer perspective.

After week 42, markets saw Silver gain more than 5% for this latest week and created an inside bar. Trades above USD 19.3 could spark an attempt higher, but be aware of the latest longer wider sideways trading pattern. This could fool you until a more clear trend in either direction is established again.

After week 40, Silvermarkets are seeing a higher high and a higher low. This is signalling a positive for higher prices to come on a weekly basis. Trades below USD 19.0 could make this scenario fail.

After week 34, Silver is trending lower represented above through the latest weekly lower low and lower high.

After week 33, there is weakness in the making. The weeky scale is showing a lower high and a lower low. Trading above USD 20.0 could see renewed strength.

After week 32, Silver continues to creep upwards signalled through the weekly higher highs and higher lows. This is strength rather than weakness. Falling below USD 19.7 should stall the ongoing upmove.

After week 28, the weakness continues. Trading back above USD 20.3 counld indicate the stronger seasonality could be in play. As for now the downtrend prevails.

After week 25, Prices are making a lower low on a weekly scale. Trading should exceed USD 22.00 in order to potentially change to strength from current weakness. For now there is support to 20.50 (May low). 

After week 24, Silver is trading sideways to lower. The latest week contains of a lower high and a lower low on a weekly scale signalling continued weakness.

After week 21, there is an inside bar and a narrow tradingrange for this latest week. Trading above 22.4 or below 21.7 could trigger further direction.

After week 20, Silver is showing an inside Red bar on a weekly scale indicating a pause to the ongoing weakness. Only trading above USD 22.5 could potetially change the current downtrend.

After week 18, there is a lower low and a lower high on a weekly scale indicating continued weakness. Prices needs to break above USD 24.8 to see the potential renewed upturn.

After week 17, the true weakness prevails and Silver is more than 5% lower than last week. There is a lower low and a lower high indicating further weakness for the Silvermarket in conjuctiuon with Seasonality.

After week 16, an outside bar containing the Red body of the weekly bar is indicating weakness rather than strength towards the latter part of the week. According to the development, there could be follow-through to the downside next week.

After week 15, there is Easter  . A higher high and a higher low are indicating stronger prices to potentially come. Only trading below USD 24.8 could ruin current strength.

After week 14, an inside bar pressuring lower rather than higher seen through the latest Red lower high.

After week 12, Silverprices are sideways, awaiting which way and look for spark in the next direction.

After week 11, there is an inside bar with a slightly Blue colour on the weekly scale. It is too early to tell what direction next, but seasonality is weak for a few more days.

After week 10, Silver is making a higher high and a higher low. This is strength rather than weakness even though the weak seasonality period is here for a couple of more weeks.

After week 09, Silver is having a clear higher high and a higher low on a weekly basis. This is indicating strength.

After week 08, the Silver markets are strong last 4 weeks. The weekly chart is now showing a new higher high and a higher low continuing to indicate strength. Be aware of the seasonality window this week pointing to a potential pause / setback or stalling for prices. The weekly chart is strong ref latest Blue bar. 

After week 07, Silver is making a Blue bar on the weekly scale marked by a higher high and higher low. This is strength not weakness. 

After week 06, Silver prices turned up and are 5% higher. The weekly chart is showing a higher high and a higher low indicating strength on its way. This passed week lowpoint is USD 22.5

After week 05, Silver prices are looking vulnerable to much lower prices very soon. Current prices are at support levels, but the latest red weekly bar shows more weakness than strength. There could be seasonal support, but unless exceeding USD 23.2 soon the beartrend will persist.

After week 04, there is a lower low and a lower high on a weekly scale, indicating weakness and vulnerability for lower Silver prices to come. Momentum picks up 'only' by exceeding 24.3.

After week 03, there is clearly a Blue bar in the chart above indicating strength on a weekly scale. The stronger seasonality pattern (see seasonality chart on top of the page) looks to have room to play in favour.

Partners or associates to do at times own positions in physical Silver or Spot Silver contracts or Silver futures. Read Disclaimer below.

SILVER MONTHLY (Looonger perspective)

Monthly tradingrange for Silver prices in USD:

2.7 3.6 3.0 3.5 2.8 2.3 2.2  2.9  2.4      


Each bar is derived from one month of trading activity. Scroll down to the Quarterly chart after this.

After September, there is a lower low and a lower high on a monthly scale indicating continued weakness for Silver prices.

After Aug., there is a lower low with a lower high on a monthly scale, indicating continued weakness to the silvermarkets. Getting above USD 20.9 should reconsider the current stance.

After July, there is a new lower high with a lower low on a monthly scale. Until USD 22.1 is exceeded, the current longer downtrend still looks to continue.

After June, Silver is again -6% for the month. The chart is again showing a lower high with a lower low indicating weakness for the longer term. Trading back above USD 23.1 could change the current downtrend.

After May 22, Silver prices are close to - 6% over the last month. The chart above is signalling weakness represented through the latest Red Bar (the lower low and the lower high). Trading back above USD 24.2 could change the current weaker picture on a monthly scale.

After April 22, there is a lower low (22.7) and a lower high (26.2) on a monthly scale, indicating weakness. Silverprices are 8% lower than in March.

After March 22, Silver is showing a higher high and a higher low on a monthly scale, indicating strength rather than weakness.

After February 22, Silver prices are + 8.8% higher compared to January. The low levels as in January but a clear higher high developed. The latest Blue bar is signalling strength rather than weakness. Trades below USD 22 will question the "cound be" renewed ongoing uptrend. February close is USD 2.5 or 10% above the January low in the chart above. 

After January 22, the montly trading activity is showing pressure of exchanging Silver at a slightly higher level. There is a higher high and a higher low for the latest monthly bar.

After December 21, Silver clearly shows a lower low and a lower high on a monthly scale after the uncertain development in November. Prices "must" exceed USD 23.7 to start showing potential renewed strength. 

After November 21, the monthly chart do show a higher high and higher low. That makes the silver prices stronger rather than weaker even though the look of the latest bar is not too convincing. The last 4 years, the month of December has seen strong price developments.

After October 21, the longer term chart still looks heavy with another red candle for the month. The only 'potential' bright spot is the October 'inside bar' where the high and low is within the price range of September. Only the time will show in what direction Silver could break in November. For now the red bars prevail...November has been red the last 8 times. Wonder if it is different this year.

After September 21, the chart shows a lower low and a lower high on a monthly timescale. In for this negative trend to continue, silver needs to again push below the September 29 low at 21.4. To be positive on Silver, markets should get closer to the USD 25.3 level within October.

After August 21, the monthly development is weak, but with an attempt to go higher towards the end of the month. The month shows a lower low and a lower high.


How Silver performs each and every month from January 2001 - December 2021.


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Silver quarterly developments. Q3 2022 narrowed the trading range from USD 6.0 to USD 3.3 low to high or high to low. This may differ from the look of the formulated chart below.

This chart shows the development of Silver prices per quarter, where each bar counts as one quarter (3 mnths) of trading activity. Q1 = Jan - Mar,  Q2 = Apr - Jun, Q3 = Jul - Sep, Q4 = Oct - Dec.

After Q3 2022, Silvermarkets are making a lower low and a lower high on a quarterly scale indicating continued weakness for the lower term. Trading above USD 23.40 again, could potentially make the turnaround.

After Q2 2022, prices are - 18% lower than at end of Q1. The Quarterly chart is showing a red bar containing a lower low with a lower high. There is currently weakness rather than strength to the chart.

After Q1 2022, Silver prices do see a higher high and a higher low on a quarterly scale. This is a positive for potentially higher prices to come through Q2. 

After Q4 2021, the low level is similar to Q3, but there is a lower high signalling some pressure to the downside. Prices should get above the USD 25-level to see renewed strength on a quarterly basis.

After Q3 2021, Silver prices are lower for the quarter with a clear lower low and a lower high. In order to gain traction again, prices needs to get close to or above USD 27 towards the end of 2021.

After Q2 2021, Silver prices should hold a new quarterly low about USD 24 in order to keep the uptrend intact. The more perfect scenario for higher prices to come is to make a higher high above USD 29.


Silver yearly chart of Silver prices, every year since 1970.

In 2021, Silver ranged USD 8.6 (down from USD 18.3 in 2020) from low to high or high to low. The chart above is created as an Heikin Ashi chart, thereby given different outcomes of highs and lows than a normal bar chart because of its formula.

The strongest message from this chart is the importantance of a bar's higher high and higher low (lower low and lower highindicating further development.








An old Silverbar from the World War II



This section is an overview of Silver comments in 2021.


Each bar is derived from one week of trading activity. Scroll down to the Monthly chart after this.

After week 52, Silver markets are down 12% for the year. Following seasonality you should be 22% higher. On a weekly scale, there is a higher high and a higher low. This signals higher prices to come and in line with the current strong seasonality.

After week 51, silver is still capped at USD 23, but making a higher low on the weekly scale. Seasonality should be stronger going forward.

After week 50, there is another lower low and a lower high for the week indicating weakness. Technically, there is a double bottom in place and buyers could be picking it up. The chart confirms no strength until above USD 23.

After week 49, Silver markets see another lower low and a lower high. Be aware of volatility in relation to the FOMC meeting Tuesday and Wednesday. For now weakness prevails. USD 23.5 was high this week.

After week 48, weakness prevails with its lower lows and lower highs. According to the weekly price chart, here is no clear strength until markets surpass 24.3.

After week 47, weakness prevails on a weekly scale showing a lower low and a lower high.

After week 46, there is a higher low vs last week. Highnote is the very same. There could be seasonal weakness for a couple of weeks, but blue bars are stronger than red.

After week 45, a clear higher high and a higher low in the weekly time-scale, ending the week on a high note.

After week 44, Silver makes a lower low and a lower high on a weekly scale.

After week 43, there is now an inside weekly bar; the weekly high is lower than the previous week and the weekly low is higher than the previous low. So far, blue bars prevail.

After week 42, prices are moving higher on the weekly scale signalled by the clear higher high and its higher low.

After week 41, not convincing on a weekly basis as there is no clear blue body to the last candle. But it could be a start to something. 

After week 40, the downtrend is very much intact, but the latest inside bar indicates consolidation and could (at best) signal trend reveral.

After week 39, weekly prices are showing lower lows and lower highs. USD 23.8 is to be challenged in order to see a change to the current downtrend.

After week 38, Silver still sees a lower low and a lower high in the weekly chart above. No sign of any turnaround until closer to, or above the USD 24.2 mark.

After week 37, prices are significantly  weaker and lower, ( - 5.7% ) for the week. Bars are building lower lows and lower highs and made a yearly low-close on Friday.

After week 36, prices are continuing somewhat south. In order to gain traction markets needs to get above 24.80 quite quickly.

After week 35, Silver shows some signs of strength, but no indication of a clear uptrend in the weekly chart. There is a higher low and a higher high indicating higher prices to come.

After week 34, Silver is still heavy in the weekly chart, even though Gold managed to show a blue bar. USD 24.7 is the next juncture to surpass.

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