Month Start
Jan 16.321
Feb 14.995
Mar 14.230
Apr 14.864
May 12.852
June 12.551
July 11.611
Aug 12.963


Nasdaq100 details and info

Spot and nearby contracts at Barchart, and Futures contracts explained.


The Nasdaq100 index seasonality chart compares this year to earlier years. Red signal market in a weaker seasonal period. Blue signal market in a stronger seasonal period.

Seasonality - 6.6%
Nasdaq100 Future index - 26 %
Current Seasonality Strong to 12. July


Daily closings through the lens of strength and weakness.





As of late, it is not abnormal to see close to + 2% or - 2% on a daily basis.




NASDAQ100 WEEKLY ( Longer perspective )

Average weekly trading range in 2022 as of after week 24: 904 points.

Each bar is derived from one week of trading activity.

After week 24, there is again a lower high and lower low on a weekly scale. Week 22 made an attempt to go higher but was quicky reversed. The current weak picture continues as long as markets stays below the latest high at 12.375.

After week 20, the weakness continues on a weekly scale showing a lower low and a lower high. Only activities above 12.790 could potentially change the ongoing bearish patterns.

After week 18, the index is showing another lower low (12.519) and lower high (13.589) on a weekly scale. Only trading back above 13.600 (5% higher than this week's close) could potentially see the current bearish view reverse.

After week 17, Nasdaq100 is more than - 3% for the week for a 4th week in a row. A lower low and a lower high prevails. Unless markets see action above 14.000 outlook seems bearish.

After week 16, there is a lower low and a lower high indicating continued weakness on a weekly scale.

After week 15, Easter  . The downtrend from January looking to resume. A lower low and a lower high indicating a bearish stance. Only trading above 14.598 could change the view.

After week 14, there is a Blue inside bar on a weekly scale. Trading below 14.300 could indicate the lastest bounce was a "fake turnaround", and that the downtrend from the beginning of January could resume.  

After week 12, Nasdaq100 is stronger showing a higher high and a higher low on a weekly scale. This is stronger rather than weak. Be aware of the 13.780 level if there is weakness.

After week 11, there is an outside bar on a weekly scale with a bias to the upside after closing 8.4% higher than last week. For now there is support to the 13.000 level and markets could easily be trading range-bound after the latest 10 weeks weakness.

After week 10, Bias continues to be weak for the Nasdaq100 index. The latest inside bar was revealed to the downside containing a lower low and a lower high. A countertrend should not be valid unless upcoming trading happens above 14.040.

After week 09, markets are somewhat more choppy than trending and with a downward pressure. The latest bar is Red indicating further weakness even though this last week is making a higher low. For Nasdaq100 to potentially "restart" an up-move, we should see trading above 14.390. Until then, bias is weak.

After week 07, there is new bar containing a lower low and lower high on the weekly scale. This is indicating continued weakness in progress. Only trades above 14.670 will question the downtrend.

After week 06, Nasdaq100 is making a lower low, indicating weakness rather than strength. Red do signal weakness, Blue signals strength. This has been weak since the first week of January. Strength could prove itself if markets come back above this week high at 15.070.

After week 05, the index is making an inside bar (high and low of the week is within the range of last week's high and low). A breakout to either side is possible. The chart favours weakness through the Red bar. The other way around would have been bullish.

NASDAQ100 MONTHLY ( Loonger perspective )

Monthly tradingrange for the NASDAQ100 index:

2.860 2.230 2.330 2.397 2.064 1.877 1.630          


Each bar is derived from one month of trading activity. Chart is updated after the end of the month.

After July 2022, there is an inside bar for the Nasdaq100 index indicating some pause for the negative development. Market action above 13.012 could be a potential reversal sign., but stay aware of weakness.

After June 2022, the index is continuing trending lower shown through a lower low and lower high on the latest Red bar. For Nasdaq100 to show any reversal pattern, the development should go beyond the 13.480-level.

After May 2022, Nasdaq100 is - 1.6% after after April - 13.6%. The monthly chart is showing a significantly lower low and lower high going into June. Only activity above 14.300 could revalue the current weakness.

After April 2022, the index is making a new lower low and a lower high indicating continued weakness on a monthly scale.

After March 2022, Nasdaq100 is having a marginally lower low and a lower high on a monthly scale. The Red bar is indicating weakness rather than strength. Exceeding 15.270 should reconsider the view.

After February 2022, the index continue trending lower marked by the monthly bar through a lower low and a lower high. This is weakness and no strength. 

After January 2022, The Nasdaq100 index is showing a clear Red weekly bar signalled by a lower low and a lower high. Weakness prevails.



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2021 - Nasdaq100 was marginally up in January, weak in February and March, strong in April. Some weakness in May, but then strong over the next 3 months. This upmove was erased by the fall in September for then to soar over the last 3 months of the year.


Nasdaq100 index quarterly developments. Q2 2022 ranged 4.130 points low to high or high to low. This may differ from the look of the formulated chart below.

This chart shows the development of Nasdaq100 index per quarter, where each bar counts as one quarter (3 mnths) of trading activity. Q1 = Jan - Mar,  Q2 = Apr - Jun, Q3 = Jul - Sep, Q4 = Oct - Dec.

Q2 2022, there is an unusually strong downmove ( - 22.5% ) throughout the quarter. As last quarter, there is a lower low and a lower high for this latest bar signalling contnued weakness.

Q1 2022, Nasdaq100 is making a lower low and a lower high on a quarterly scale. There is produced a Blue bar and the pattern signals weakness rather than strength. 


This is the US Nasdaq100 index where each bar count as one year. It is the opening hours index and not the index future open pre and post the trading sessions.

The Nasdaq100 index year by year

In 2021, the US Nasdaq100 index ranged 37% from year low to year high. The chart above is created as an Heikin Ashi chart, thereby given different outcomes of highs and lows than a normal bar chart because of its formula.

The strongest message from this chart is the importantance of a bar's higher low (lower high) which is indicating further development.

• 4.816 is the very top of the Dot-com bubble.

• 1.040 is the very low of the year 2009.







NASDAQ100 IN 2021

Here are comments and chart form the latter stages of 2021.

Each bar is derived from one week of trading activity.


After week 50, markets got a sideways bar for the 3. time. Stay awake! A break either direction could quickly show way for important further developments. Low 15650, and high 16460.

After week 49, markets see an inside bar showing sideways direction on a weekly scale. Tuesday and Wednsday's FOMC meeting could esily trigger further direction and breakout up or down.

After week 48, there is weakness to the latest weekly bar signalled by the lower low (15.538) and the lower high (16.456).

After week 47, blue bars are still in control. There is a higher low and a higher high, and a renewed All-Time-High (16.768).

After week 46, the weekly chart gives a new all-time-high and another perfect bar with a higher high and higher low.

After week 45, there is an equal high (16.450) as to week 44 and a higher low. There is more strength than weakness for the weekly perspective. Nasdaq100 in currently hoovering around its all time high levels. 

After week 43, the index clearly makes a higher low and a higher high. Downside to watch are ticks below 15.050.

After week 42, a higher high and a higher low is created in the weekly chart. 14.998 is not to be challenged in week 43 in order to hold on to the weekly strength.

After week 41, lower highs continues for the Nasdaq100 index, but there is now also a higher low. Last week was an inside week. The next break could be explosive, but you never know if an inside week leads to weakness or strength.

After week 40, lower lows and lower highs. The index must trade above 15.300 in order to gain traction towards September highs.

After week 39, the index is making a lower low at 14.540 signalling lower prices to come. In order to see markets return its earlier positive momentum on a weekly time scale, Nasdaq100 will have to challenge 15.400.

After week 38, markets sees a lower low and a lower high. It looks like the index has topped out for now. In order to keep bars in colour Red, 15.350 is not to be exceeded - and stay there.

After week 37, 15.230 is the low point. There is a lower high (weak sign) and uptrend is still intact.

After week 36, 15.084 is the low point. The weekly uptrend is still intact.

After week 35, 14.910 is the low point of the week, and the number to challenge if prices starts to decrease.

After week 34, the low point for this latest bar is 196 points above week 33.