Ether or Bitcoin in June

The chart below is continuing the chart from April 1st: Ethereum ( - 30.4% in May) over Bitcoin ( - 17.2% in May) or the price of Ethereum divided by the price of Bitcoin.

The monthly overview is again showing a downward pressure to this chart. The lower low and lower high for the latest bar is weakness for Ethereum vs Bitcoin. As long as prices are trending lower, Bitcoin is outperforming Ethereum. That is not to say both could fall, and Bitcoin is falling less- or hold up better than Ethereum.

Ether or Bitcoin into April

The chart below is showing Ethereum over Bitcoin (following the note from March 13th).

After March, there is a lower low and a lower high on a monthly scale. The latest Red coloured bar is indicating weakness rather than strength. Moving higher is showing Ether outperforming Bitcoin. Moving lower showing Bitcoin outperforming Ether.

Ethereum and or Bitcoin in 2022

OK, holding Bitcoin and or Ethereum ?

YTD, both Crypto currencies have been dogs. Bitcoin is - 18%, and Ethereum is - 32%. The Bitcoin page and the Ethereum page covers them more in detail. 

This little note covers them both in a longer perspective through a Ratio. The Ratio is simply the price of Ethereum divided by the price of Bitcoin. Current status is expained through its monthly chart below.

Each bar equals one month of trading activity and represents the strength and weakness of either Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The chart above is a monthly Heikin Ashi chart with 5 squares, all marked in the month of January.

What happens after each January above?

There are two major observations, which are interesting to the chart;

One, every January follows a certain pattern over the next prolonged period of 12 months. This is essential in regards to the upcoming prices of both Ethereum and Bircoin. If ratio-prices rise, it favours Ethereum over Bitcoin. If ratio-prices fall, it favours Bitcoin over Ethereum.

Two, whenever there is a Blue (Red) bar, it is most likely followed by another Blue (Red) bar. If a Blue (Red) bar contains a higher low (lower high) it is a positive for next bar.  

February showed a Red bar, and looking weak for March. This latest monthly bar is an inside bar but it is Red and pressuring to the downside rather than the upside. 

The chart above is showing that;

From January 2018 through December 2018, Bitcoin outperformed Ethereum.

From January 2019 through December 2019, Bitcoin outperformed Ethereum.

From January 2020 through December 2020, Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin.

From January 2021 through December 2021, Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin.

From January 2022 through December 2022...

In conclusion, if history is to prevail according to the chart above, crypto markets will see Bitcoin outperform Ethereum throughout 2022. Only readings above 0.0815 will potentially change this view.

Always do your own research, please read disclaimer below.

"Why trade the ETH to BTC ratio? ... As a result, one of the most actively traded markets is the ETH/BTC ratio. Trading the ratio allows traders to stay 100% exposed to crypto while taking advantage of changes in ETH and BTC price whenever prices are not as correlated with each other" Source: Google.

Ethereum over Bitcoin

This weekly chart of the latest 96 weeks shows the Ethereum Bitcoin Ratio.

This weekly chart shows the period from the beginning of January 2020 to present. There is now a weekly blue bar represented with a higher high and a higher low after multiple red bars. The charts seeks to clearify if Ethereum (ETH) moves stronger than Bitcoin (BITC) or the oposite. The outcome in this chart is the price of ETH divided by the price of ETH, and thereby formulated into an Heikin Ashi chart to make the development more visuable. 

The ETH BITC ratio moved in a narrow range this last week, so this week 44 could hopefully show some follow-through to be more convincing for the next phase. The broader consolidation since May could also fail to bring in an upcoming prevailing downtrend.


Bitcoin into Wednesday Oct. 20th

Bitcoin is up 47% since seasonal turningpoint Sep 26th. The graph below shows the price development where Blue is strength and Red indicates weakness.

This chart is updated frequently on the Bitcoin site.

Monthly changes

Ever wondering how a particular asset is doing through a certain month?

There is now a monthly performance view for each and every month from 2001 - present in:

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

The monthly changes table is located below the indicators on the respective sites.


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