Precious Metals combined

To get an overview of the precious metal prices in general, here you got a weekly chart of Gold, Silver and Platinum combined weighting 1/3 of each component.

On a weekly basis, there is p.t. no indication that prices are to creep upwards yet. As far as this chart shows, it seems like lower- or at best sideways pricing, prevales for now.

Coffee prices for Monday Aug. 02

Coffee prices have seen great swings lately and mostly to the upside.


This is a weekly Heikin Ashi chart of the Coffee price developments. The very top this past week is more than 40% higher than 3 weeks ago.  From this Monday's high to this Friday's close it is - 20%. These are extreme fluctuations in a short time, and a price break is not to be ruled out. Still for now, the week to week chart is clearly strong. For more, go to Intradays own Coffee section.

Metals for Monday Aug. 02.

Below are the weekly charts for Silver, Gold, and Platinum updated pre this upcoming week starting Monday August 02.

Weekly overviews are good because it gives a broader perspective for the price trends than the day to day movements. Included in this post is also the weekly Gold to Silver Ratio, the Platinum to Gold ratio, and the Platinum to Silver ratio. This shows wider relationships and comparisons.



Silver made a lower low and a lower high last week. Bars are still red, and no indication of turning higher in this week to week picture.



Gold is trading sideways as for the visual view above. The chart shows last week with a slightly higher high and higher low, but without a 'clear' picture of where it is heading next. The chart could favour the upside but it is easy to be tricked as it is basically sideways for the last 4 weeks (not trending up or down). A break could happen either way. A hint is to stay patient until there is a direction.



Platinum shows a higher high and a lower low in this weekly chart above. According to the chart, there is no indication Platinum prices are moving higher on the weekly basis. Red bars means weak developments. So, as for next week markets will look out for the vulnerable 1.030 level which has been a base level to investors over the last 7 weeks. Experience shows that if this level is breached, be aware of a potential 'fake' break where prices bounces back. But for now, there seems to be no hurry for higher prices.



The chart shows how many OZ Silver you receive in exchange for 1 OZ Gold.

Gold prices are favoured over Silver, as the ratio is moving higher. On a weekly time frame the chart above shows a higher high and a higher low. There is a more clear picture of what is going in the ratio in the pic above, compared to the one layed out last week; In the pic above, each bar is formualted directly from their respective underlying already derived gold and silver prices.



The chart shows how many OZ Gold you get in exchange for 1 OZ Platinum.

Until this past week, Platinum has acted much weaker relative to Gold since mid May. Markes needs to see the exchange between the tow above 0.62 in order to see Platinum starting to outperform Gold.



The chart shows how many OZ Silver you take in exchange for 1 OZ platinum.

There has been very little movement for the exchange relationship between Platinum and Silver over the last 5 weeks. On a weekly basis the trend looks somewhat weak rather than strong. Last week printed a red bar. In order to move higher, markets could watch the 42.5 level for now.

Markets Thursday July 29.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Thursday 29th of July 2021.

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Nasdaq100 + 2.400 points in July

The Nasdaq100 index is about to show a positive return in July for the 13th time in a row! 

Summing up all 13 July's, gives you a whopping + 2.400 points. Investing purely through the month of July every year since 2009, would have profitted + 2.400 points return or + 160%. Wow.

Never in the history has there been such unbelievable statistics for an index. If you know about one, it will be great sharing to intraday at 

Silver updated for Wednesday 28th.

Silver section is updated.

Tuesday 27th of July.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Tuesday the 27th of July 2021.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.


Together with Gold and Silver, Platinum prices are acting heavy these days. The precious metal should historically trade higher from end of June into August or September, but the chart below shows weakness rather than strength. 

Trades above 1109, which is the latest bar high in the chart above, could be the first indication in the weekly chart, for higher prices to come.



The Gold Silver ratio is a widley used investor tool and simply measures how many ounces of Silver it takes to get ahold of 1 OZ of Gold. Lately, Gold is holding up better relative to that of silver meaning it takes more ounces of Silver to get 1 OZ Gold, see weekly chart below.

The week ending February 28th made a low point for the Gold Silver ratio. Back then, the value of 1 OZ Gold was equal to 65 OZ Silver.

Now (Friday the 23rd of July), 1 OZ Gold equals 71.5 OZ Silver. According to the chart, the trend since February has been ticking higher. Meaning that Gold has held its relative value better than Silver has. Going forward, weakness is seen if this ratio falls below 69 again as the next bar. 69 is the low level last week in this type of bar chart. The last two years Silver outperformed Gold in the second half of the year, but for now it points in the oposite direction.


Gold is basically sideways the last two weeks, see chart bleow.

Unless there is tradingaction above 1.825 in the coming week, the metal could next be under pressure.


Silver looks heavy in the weekly chart, see below.

There is little strength unless Silver prices starts trading above 26.50.

Days to Yearly high

....Suprised "nobody" brings up this issue.

From the start of the year, how long does it take before a market makes its Year high level?

Looking into the last 20 years for both the Nasdaq100 index and the German DAX index, there are interesting findings. First of all, they most often bring in the Yearly high about the same time every year. If there are many days in between respective highs, it  is easily because of a consolidation for one of the indices having several high-points that very year.

Below you see the present state. Either markets turns down "now" from the now Year high's (marked with a red line), or next, lasts at least 55 more calendar days (Green line).

Walking through the fall without challenges for markets could quickly mean the Nasdaq100 and the DAX continues higher into "year end".

Calendardays To Yearly high'sThis is history so you never know about markets. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the preferred stop loss is in place. 


Is there enough strength in the current Platinum markets to push prices higher or lower?

The answer might be in this chart below as it is easy to get caught up in the noice.

The chart below is showing the weekly performance for Platinum prices through Friday the 16th of July. The graph is derived from weekly price changes. Week open, week low, week high and week close.


Is there enough strength in the current Silver markets to push prices higher or lower?

The answer might be in this chart below as it is easy to get caught up in the noice.

The chart below is showing the weekly performance for Silver prices through Friday the 16th of July. The graph is derived from weekly price changes. Week open, week low, week high and week close.


Is there enough strength in the current Gold markets to push prices higher or lower?

The answer might be in this chart below as it is easy to get caught up in the noice.

The chart below is showing the weekly performance for Gold prices through Friday the 16th of July. The graph is derived from weekly price changes. Week open, week low, week high and week close.

Lumber prices


From late October 2020 last year to the beginning of May 2021, Lumber prices soared 240%. That's alot of change in raw material prices in a very short time.

The last 50 tradingdays have erased it all, retracing 70% equal to the entire up-move. The story does not stop there.

Did you know that 28 years ago, lumber prices was at the same level as it is today? But we fast forward to 2018 and the historical graph is displayed below.

From May of 2018 (Lumber was a little higher than it is today) to April last year (over 686 calendar days) prices fell as much as 59%. From april 2020 to May 2021 (over 400 calendar days), the prices actually exploded as much as +539%.

Since the beginning of May (now 50 tradingdays), prices have fallen 70% and is back to those famous 1993-levels.

So, as of today Lumber prices have "done nothing in 28 years", but with extreme fluctuations. - Is it time for Lumber prices start climbing steadily higher in the years to come?

210721 - lumber history

This chart show you the daily Lumber Futures prices from Jan 1st 1980 to July 21st of 2021.

Make sure you totally understand the risk in trading futures. Past performance is not future performance. 

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Friday the 16th of July


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GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAX and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin at


Bitcoin is a talk wherever you go, and we want to share. The crypto king kong has now received its own section at Intraday here.

Thanks to alot of inspirations from Mr. Bitcoin who is a real spesialist in the field.

Bitcoin price drops as much as 15% days after record

Pre US Open for Silver, Gold and Platinum

Just pre US stock markets openings Monday, the metals are getting stronger. As this happens, the chart below seems to become more reliable.

The chart is consisting of an equal weight for Silver, Gold and Platinum. As markets are getting closer to mid July, metals are now building their higher and higher lows. This update above is post Friday's closing prices. Seasonality wise presious metals are on the "very correct" path. The green line shows metals development of pervious years.

If jumping on the ban wagon, make always sure to keep appropriate stop losses in place, at all times to make sure you minimize potential losses. Simulatneously, keep the daily volatility in mind and remember that historical performance is no guarantee for future returns.

Monday July 5th 2021

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Metals double bottom

Below is 2021's performances for the precious metals (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) vs the last 5 years. According to the past, the next 40 calendar days seems quite interesting.

Putting Gold, Silver and Platinum together in one graph gives us the pic below.

A double bottom to a slightly higher low the 29th of June, is our latest turningpoint and reference point so far.

If markets proves that our history is a true marketmap, the very next 67 calendar days could lead to higher precious metals prices. This graph is formulated out of the last 15 years (not equally weighted). 

July 2nd - Dax, Nasdaq100, Gold and Silver..

Are all updated pre European opening bell Friday July 2nd.

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Gold and Silver updated!

The Gold and Silver sections are updated pre US Markets open for Thursday July 1st.

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