GOLD DAY BY DAY (last 5 yrs)

Here you got the daily performance of the Goldprice day by day accumulated for the last 5 years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

310521 - GOLD DAY BY DAY


Platinum Friday 28. May

Platinum is not convincing to the upside quite yet. Consolidation just below the USD 1.200 mark after a couple of weeks above. The MACD level needs to pick up steam in order to sound interesting for the long traders.

280521 - Plat MACD

Seasonality plays against an upmove over the next few weeks.

MACD Example New Gold Inc

After Fridays close (today), here you got a great example of how well a MACD indicator can work for you.

This shorter term pic of New Gold Inc (Not Canada main listing, but USA quote) demonstrates how a higher MACD bar signals strength to the prices (a lower MACD bar signals weakness to the prices). Only by following the MACD development higher or lower mabe you will have a good grab of what's next?   :-)

After a prolonged period in one direction, MACD levels and prices will most likely correct for a shorter or longer period.

280521 - New Gold MACD daily  wants to post neutral content and perspective at all times. Assosiates and or partners to do own shares in New Gold Inc.

Gold at close Wednesday 260521

Goldprice is clearly strong these days, but stalling at the 1.900-level for now. The MACD-level has been strong the last USD 200 and could easily deserve a pause.

Seasonality for Gold points to a lowpoint around the turn of this month. A slide in the price of Gold could be seen by many as a buying oppertunity for the summer to be held into September. 


Silver at close Wednesday 260521

Silver could be toppish shorter term after yesterdays weak close. MACD is pointing lower again.


Nasdaq100 shorter term

Nasdaq100 is still off its all-time-highs in April, and is well up from mid-May lows.

No short term sign of weakness after Tuesday's close. A lower MACD bar will "confirm" weakness and potential renewed sell-off.

260521 - nasdaq100 after close tuesday

Silver prices

Silverprices looked to close relatively much weaker than Platinum and Gold Tuesday, but turned around and up as the US markets opened. Thereafter ticking and ticking steadily towards USD 28 throughout the session.


From a lagging to a leading indicator - MACD

There is a jungle of technical indicators to add to you favorite instrument, and that you want to update along the price changes.

The one indicator that continously stands out of them all, is the MACD indicator. The MACD gives you an exact feel of a trend - stronger or weaker. There are several ways to analyse its patterns, but primarly you will be looking for a higher bar for stronger prices or a lower bar for lower prices.

Yes, MACD is a rules as a lagging indicator, but by plotting the unknown next  potential price (higher of lower than our last real price), you suddenly have a super leading indicator. 

See the example below.

This first pic shows you the price of Silver after last real closing price at 27.50.

The last 5 market-closes sees a lower MACD meaning that the gap between the 26 and the 12 period moving average is getting larger and that prices are likely to continue lower until we see the oposite.

230521 - xag present MACD

The next pic shows you what silver will look like if tomorrows price closes at 28.0. Thereby the MACD gives you a higher bar, which is a positive for higher silver prices to come (becuase it increases the odds of again seeing a higher bar the day after tomorrow).

230521 - xag at 28 MACD

The next pic shows you a hypotetical weaker close at 27.3. This means a continuously lower MACD and further weakness for the price at the next close. Try it out!

230521 - xag at 27.3 MACD

Gold going into the weekend

Gold could very well look toppish in the shorter time-frame.

Here are three charts of the daily price of Gold in USD.

The first one is after close yesterday, Thursday 20.05.21, and the other two are potential outcomes if it close at 1.860, or at 1.895 today Friday 21.0521.

This is all about getting your  picture clear ofr what Gold could look like heading into next week.

210521 - XAU AS OF CLOSE THURSDAY 200521

210521 - XAU IF CLOSE @ 1860 FRIDAY 210521

210521 - XAU IF CLOSE @ 1895 FRIDAY 210521

As you see, there is a great difference between the two outcomes for Friday. If Gold markets close around 1.860 or below, it will look bearish or halting to the price going into next week.

On the other hand, if it closes Friday around 1.890 or above, it could seem that an extreme strenght is coming into play. The extreme is taken from the MACD indicator in Blue / Red, in which gives the divergence between the 26 and 12 period moving averages. The greater the gap between the two moving averages, the more strength there is in the MACD and the higher the reading. nPresent state of the MACD reading is USD 24.7, and it has been trending steadily up since 08.03.21 where it turned around from - 31.9.

Looking to the seasonal for Gold, the metal meets its seasonal low at the end of May. A time-period in which Gold historically see a low price point.

Silver overview

Todays update on Silver prices is updated under the SILVER category.

Gold, Silver, Nasdaq100 and DAX

Comments and charts are updated as of today 02. of May 2021 under Silver, Gold, Nasdaq100 and DAX.

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