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Decades of financial markets research and studies, thousands of observations and trades are groundwork for the material you now are browsing through.

The site gives you a simplified view of where selected markets are trading, and in contrast to the very same time period for earlier years.

The current strength or weakness readings, are purely based on crunched researched data. Indicators and charts should be value added to your own ideas and strategies.

It should take you only a few seconds to find out if assets covered are trading in a strong or weak phase, and if it is pointing up or down in the shorter term. You manage the rest...

Covered are topics on cycles, seasonalities, technicals, indicators, comparisons, ratios, major events and more.

Sections are Gold, Silver, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Nasdaq100DAX, EthereumBitcoin, CardanoPlatinum and Lumber. Sometimes more.

The times are generally displayed as GMT + 1HR. / CET.. Most analysis take all calendar days throughout the year into account, including holidays and weekends.


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