A smaller clue going into 2022 for the two major indices DAX and Nasdaq100:

This chart compares the European DAX index to the American Nasdaq100 index.

The vertical Blue and Pink fields represent the historical common seasonal strong (weak) periods. Both indices are presently in a strong (Light blue)  phase from October 30th until the last couple of days of the year.

Nasdaq100 is sited in a Blue line if it has strong seasonality, and Red if it has weak seasonality.

DAX is sited in a Green line if it has strong seasonality, and Red if it has weak seasonality.

Heading into the new year, maybe it's worthwhile to only stay positioned according to both parties having their common seasonal strong (weak) periods.

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In relation to the FOMC meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday the 14th and 15th;

To the FOMC Calendar here.

Below is the development of the Gold price last year. It shows you what happened from 2 hours pre to 2 hours post the actual release. Here is the statement from December 16th 2020.


This is a one minute chart, key points:

- Gold started at 1.857, moved down USD 12 to 1.845, and the back up USD 20 to 1.865.

- The first 20 minutes from the release (at 02:00 PM) moved south.

- From 20 minutes after the release, the buyers where in control over the next 46 minutes.

- This down and up move lasted a total of 1 hour and 6 minutes and ended USD 8 higher.

- After this USD 20 stretch to the upside, the price moved sideways.

- The entire 4 hour period above started out at 1.854, and closed out USD higher at 1.864.

History is certainly no guarantee, but it could be a reference to individual triggers.


The seasonality chart for Metals

The seasonality chart below shows Gold, Silver and Platinum into one graph where you see their respective stronger and weaker seasons in comparison. The vertical periods of Blue and Red are precious metals common strong and weaker periods.

This way it is easier to see what metal starts its seasonal move first and which one is lagging. When all 3 commodities have their respective strong or weak periods collectively is 'when to be' active (not active) in metals.

Chart is not taking 2021 into account.

Precious metals into December 2021

The monthly chart shows where Gold, Silver and Platinum are at over the last 4 years.

In this chart Gold, Silver and Platinum are equaly weighted.

The last 4 years these precious metals prices are 20.7% higher. Prices are actually -4.4% from the August close. For prices to reach the February 2021 close, they must rise 8%. 

Metals into week 48

To see how the precious metals markets are developing, we want to look at Gold, Silver and Platinum toghether.

Below is the composed weekly graph where all three metals are equally weighted.

 On a weekly scale, there is a lower low and a lower high for the latest week. This development signals market weakness rather than strength going forward.

To see renewd strength for the precious metals sector, Blue bars 'must' quickly resume.

Diving further into details, here is Gold over Silver.

This weekly graph (above) show Gold prices stronger relative to Silver prices. So what about Platinum?

The graph shows that Gold also outperforms Platinum on the weekly scale. For the white metal to see more strength than Gold, markets will be looking for these bars to turn Blue (higher highs and higher lows).

And for this last one. Platinum up against Silver.

This chart shows that Silver is relatively stronger than the development of Platinum. As long as this is trending south, Silver will continue to outperform Platinum on a weekly bias.

In conclusion, Metals are generally weak until markets see a fresh Blue weekly bar in the top chart displayed. Gold is holding up better than Silver and Platinum. And Silver is holding better than Platinum (for now at least).

Crypto into week 48

Weakness on a weekly scale represented with the latest bar showing a lower low and a lower high.

Crypto into week 47

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, Cardano and Bianance are the largest Crypto currencies by marketcap. They represent apprx. 80% of the total market values of the entire Crypto space.

Below, they are put togher in a weekly chart to show where they are at.

Each component is equally weighted in this graph above. Crypto's was weak this last week after Bitcoin hit its all time high the week before. Heading into week 47, there is overhead resistance to values (in USD) as the chart points out.

Metals into week 45

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectivly sideways after last week.

Seasonally, the weeks ahead are heavy and metal prices could thereby dip before attempting to move higher.

The weekly chart above signals prices are flat-moving for now, with a slightly positive bias by its latest blue colour Heikin Ashi.

Ethereum over Bitcoin

This weekly chart of the latest 96 weeks shows the Ethereum Bitcoin Ratio.

This weekly chart shows the period from the beginning of January 2020 to present. There is now a weekly blue bar represented with a higher high and a higher low after multiple red bars. The charts seeks to clearify if Ethereum (ETH) moves stronger than Bitcoin (BITC) or the oposite. The outcome in this chart is the price of ETH divided by the price of ETH, and thereby formulated into an Heikin Ashi chart to make the development more visuable. 

The ETH BITC ratio moved in a narrow range this last week, so this week 44 could hopefully show some follow-through to be more convincing for the next phase. The broader consolidation since May could also fail to bring in an upcoming prevailing downtrend.


Metals into week 44

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectivly sideways this past week.

The latest bar is still blue, but as an 'inside bar' it is more difficult to say if this next week could break to the upside or downside. Let's follow the week closely. Going into November, this may be an exciting month as history shows the possibility of huge losses or big gains.


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