Gold, Silver and Platinum in Q4

The quarterly chart below is truly against metal-bulls. It is outlining the quarterly development for Precious Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum). The graph is equally weighted among the three, and each bar is showing an entire quarter of trading activity.


According to the chart, there is a clear lower low and a lower high recognized on a quarterly scale. This pattern is signalling weakness rather than strength towards the latter stage of 2022. In order to change the current downward pressure, prices should collectively soar more than + 11.5% from September closes. That would challenge last quarter highs.


Precious Metals into September

The chart below is outlining the monthly development for Precious Metals. Gold, Sliver and Platinum are equally weighted and each bar is showing one month of trading activity.

According to the chart, there is now an inside bar on a monthly scale. There is a lower high and a higher low signalling some sort of pause to the last months weakness. Going into the fall, an upcoming stronger move is to be expected from a technical perspective.

From July's close to the top of the latest bar there is + 9.7%. Until metals is trading above this level, the downtrend is continuing for the longer term.

Gold or Silver week 25

The Gold Silver Ratio is marginally higher after week 24, making a higher low and a higher high.

According to the weekly chart above, Gold is holding up better than Silver on a weekly scale going into week 25. Gold is clearly outperforming Silver as long as the bars are Blue (marked by their higher lows). Seeing the ratio fall below USD 83 again, could quickly turn biased on Silver.

Metals into June 2022

There is weakness in the metals space on a monthly scale. This is following the seasonality patterns for now. The chart below is consisting of Gold, Silver and Platinum equally weighted.

As markets are soon entering the summer, the monthly chart is showing a new lower low with a lower high. According to the chart above, Metals as a whole must soar + 7.5% or more from June entry, in order to potentially change the current weak picture. 

Metals into April

Gold, Silver and Platinum are equally weighted in the graph below. It should represent where metal markets are currently trading.

The monthly performance is showing a Blue bar indicating strength rather than weakness for Metals.

Metals for March 2022

This graph is showing Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum) equally weighted. Each bar is one month of trading activity.

According to the pic above, metal-prices are stronger. This is represented through the latest Blue bar. The latest monthly bar is showing a higher high and a higher low. The development is a positive for higher prices to come.

As long as these bars continues to stay Blue, the metal-markets will all toghether trend higher. 

Metals markets - 5

Gold, Silver and Platinum have been quite strong the last 5 weeks.

The weekly chart above is showing strength for the precious metals over the last 5 weeks, but we could also say the last 9 weeks. Seasonality points to a turn down in week number 8 (to last about a month), so do not be suprised if metals stalls and take a breather for some time. Technical indicators do also favour a pause and you never know.

Technical indicators may at times stay in overbought and oversold conditions for much longer than you could imagine. As long as the weekly bars are Blue, markets perfer to buy up the metals.

The chart above is formulated into a diagram equally weighted for Gold, Silver and Platinum to more easily visualize what's going on. Read Disclaimer.

Gold Silver and Platinum in Feb. 2022

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectivly higher going into February. The chart below gives you the overview of how they are performing all toghether on a monthly scale. Each bar represent one month of trading activity.

The latest monthly bar is coloured in Blue, signalling strength rather than weakness. With its higher high and higher low for January, there is potentially more strength to come in February. This trend would be supported by the traditional seasonality. See the sections of Gold or Silver or Platinum for specifications.

Metals failing?

This chart below consists of Gold, Silver and Platinum, and presents the monthly scale where each bar equals one month of trading activity. Weightings of the metals are set equally.

According to the graph, there is little strength and more weakness to the developments for the precious metals sector (for now).  Traditionally, a chart like the one above could see very much lower prices ahead if it breaks down for real. A broader consolidation has built up the last few months...and the latest monthly bar shows a lower low and lower high, - purifying the potential for further weakness to come.

"The only" rescue to see higher perhaps Seasonality. Historically, January and February are strong months for all three metals. Happy trading in 2022 and stay tuned!

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Precious metals into December 2021

The monthly chart shows where Gold, Silver and Platinum are at over the last 4 years.

In this chart Gold, Silver and Platinum are equaly weighted.

The last 4 years these precious metals prices are 20.7% higher. Prices are actually -4.4% from the August close. For prices to reach the February 2021 close, they must rise 8%. 


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