Soft commodities into autumn 2022

Let us see if Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa collectively make it back up into the autumn this year.

The weekly chart above consists of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa and is made to have them equally weighted.

The last July's have seen these soft commodities finding support to prices throughout the month of July. Only time will show if this is the case in 2022 as well, in an otherwise strong inflationary environment.


The seasonality chart for Metals

The seasonality chart below shows Gold, Silver and Platinum into one graph where you see their respective stronger and weaker seasons in comparison. The vertical periods of Blue and Red are precious metals common strong and weaker periods.

This way it is easier to see what metal starts its seasonal move first and which one is lagging. When all 3 commodities have their respective strong or weak periods collectively is 'when to be' active (not active) in metals.

Chart is not taking 2021 into account.

Yearly high and lows

Throughout the year, how many days between yearly low and yearly high?

Here is an updated table of the duration between highs and lows and lows to highs in Calendardays. It does not tell when the highs and lows arrive, only duration between them. Updated 28.09.2021

Highs and Lows of the year 2001 - 2021

Over the last 20 years, the table shows that the average time between yearly high and yearly low is more than 200 calendardays (on average).

The last 10 years, the German DAX index and the US Nasdaq100 index have both reached its yearly high before its yearly low, every year but in 2018. Is there a change to this pattern in 2022 where the high of the year steps in first? 

This overview is a clear proof that trends lasts a while.

Soft commodities to Oct 19th

- Blending Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices in one chart below.

The chart above shows how the three commodities are developing in 2021 vs earlier years. The weaker seasonal period from late February to May produced no change this year. The current and yearly stronger seasonal stage (May to October) is so far producing + 15%. 

According to seasonality and its historical facts, there is potentially more upside over the next 2 months. Lately, it has been coffee, and now it's sugar driving the prices higher. Cococa could soon be picking up steam also. To see each commodity individually, head over to their respective sections for the regular updates. Obviously, there will be breaks along the way for the price developments.

Trading is risky, it is vital to always to keep stop losses in place at a preferred level in - for financial instrument.

Tuesday 27th of July.

All sections are updated pre US openings for Tuesday the 27th of July 2021.

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

Pre US Open for Silver, Gold and Platinum

Just pre US stock markets openings Monday, the metals are getting stronger. As this happens, the chart below seems to become more reliable.

The chart is consisting of an equal weight for Silver, Gold and Platinum. As markets are getting closer to mid July, metals are now building their higher and higher lows. This update above is post Friday's closing prices. Seasonality wise presious metals are on the "very correct" path. The green line shows metals development of pervious years.

If jumping on the ban wagon, make always sure to keep appropriate stop losses in place, at all times to make sure you minimize potential losses. Simulatneously, keep the daily volatility in mind and remember that historical performance is no guarantee for future returns.

Monday July 5th 2021

All categories are updated under respective sections.

Metals double bottom

Below is 2021's performances for the precious metals (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) vs the last 5 years. According to the past, the next 40 calendar days seems quite interesting.

Putting Gold, Silver and Platinum together in one graph gives us the pic below.

A double bottom to a slightly higher low the 29th of June, is our latest turningpoint and reference point so far.

If markets proves that our history is a true marketmap, the very next 67 calendar days could lead to higher precious metals prices. This graph is formulated out of the last 15 years (not equally weighted). 

July 2nd - Dax, Nasdaq100, Gold and Silver..

Are all updated pre European opening bell Friday July 2nd.

Look under their sections above.

Gold and Silver updated!

The Gold and Silver sections are updated pre US Markets open for Thursday July 1st.


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