Gold Silver ratio pre Monday 30th Aug., 2021

Gold continues to hold up better than Silver.

The weekly low is USD 1.2 higher at the end of week 34 compared to week 33.

Jackson Hole 2021, Gold & Silver

Gold could outperform Nasdaq100 over the Jackson Hole event (see last post below).

But, what about Silver up against Gold?

Silver actually outperforms and holds up better than Gold through the latest 20 Jackson Hole Summits.

The chart above shows how Gold and Silver prices performs from the 1. speach day (this year tomorrow Friday 27th of Aug. to the 6. day post the Summit (this year to next Friday the 3rd. of September. The average development for Gold through this period is + 0.8%, and for Silver + 1.9%. Making this exact trade the last 20 years has accumulated + 15% for Gold, and + 38% for Silver !

Read Disclaimer down below before attempting to make the very same trades. History do not exactly repeat even though it could be a guide.

Saturday Sept. 4th, 2021: This week above Gold + 0.5% and Silver + 2.5%.

Jackson Hole 2021, Nasdaq100

Once a year since 1978, the US Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has sponsored a 2 days symposium on an important economic issue facing the U.S. and world economies. This is hosted in late August in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To learn more about the location of the annual symposium, watch Bloomberg TV's video External Link"Inside the Central Banking Hangouts of Jackson Hole."

Here is how markets behave through the meetings. Link to the meetings here.

Nasdaq100 vs Gold Jackson Hole

The developments of the Nasdaq100 index is here 'head to head' with the price of Gold. The graph show that Gold outperforms the Nasdaq100 index by alot. All toghether, over the last 20 years, Nasdaq100 shows + 1.8%, and Gold shows + 20.3%.

The duration for the period selected is from the start of the event to markets close 3 calendar days after the last day of the event. For 2021, this means entering the position today Thursday 26th of August and exiting the position this upcoming Tuesday the 31st. of August.

Remember that past performance is never any guarantee of how markets will behave in the future. Read Disclaimer below.

Monthly changes

Ever wondering how a particular asset is doing through a certain month?

There is now a monthly performance view for each and every month from 2001 - present in:

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

The monthly changes table is located below the indicators on the respective sites.


Metals pre Mond. Aug. 23

Gold, Silver and Platinum are presented in this weekly chart below.

As pointed out in the development for the metals, there is no strengthening signs going into next week. The general price trend for metals are still down rather than up. In this graph Gold, Silver and Platinum are weighted equally, and the view is derived into an Hekin Ashi chart from underlying weekly metals prices.

Nasdaq100 & Gold pre Mond. Aug. 23

Is the technology weighted Nasdaq100 index still better than Gold?

The weekly chart above shows the development of the Nasdaq100 index divided by the price of Gold.

As the graph signals, the index has outperformed Gold since May. This passed week gives a signal of that trend stalling. Is it time for a break or to head south? Gold looks to attempt to hold up better than Nasdaq100. Next week could quickly show if this is more true than false going forward when next week is giving the Blue or Red bar. The higher (lower) the numbers in the graph the more (less) OZ Gold needed in exchange for a contact of Nasdaq100.

Gold Silver pre Monday 23rd of Aug.

Gold continues to outperform Silver. See chart below.

This is the weekly Heikin Ashi chart derived from the weekly price development of Gold divided by Silver. The more the numbers creeping up, the more silver it takes to get ahold of 1 OZ Gold. Until markets do see a Red bar, Gold is favoured over Silver. 


Nasdaq100 vs Gold prices

The Nasdaq100 index continues to outperform the price of Gold.

This weekly chart above clearly demonstrates how Nasdaq100 has outperformed the Gold price development in 2021. Especially the last 10 weeks (since late May), the Nasdaq100 index has seen extreme performance. The higher the prices the more OZ Gold it takes to pay for one contract of the Nasdaq100 index.


Metals Wedn. 18th Aug.

Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum eaqually weighted) continues to be a dog here. No strength in sight so far.

This chart above proves that in the weekly Heikin Ashi chart. It is certainly moving down not up (for the moment).

Chart is through week 32 ending Friday the 13th.

Gold to Silver Wedn. 18th Aug.

Gold continues to outperform Silver.

The higher this goes the more silver you need to have to get ahold of every OZ Gold.



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