Crypto into week 47

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, Cardano and Bianance are the largest Crypto currencies by marketcap. They represent apprx. 80% of the total market values of the entire Crypto space.

Below, they are put togher in a weekly chart to show where they are at.

Each component is equally weighted in this graph above. Crypto's was weak this last week after Bitcoin hit its all time high the week before. Heading into week 47, there is overhead resistance to values (in USD) as the chart points out.

Metals into week 45

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectivly sideways after last week.

Seasonally, the weeks ahead are heavy and metal prices could thereby dip before attempting to move higher.

The weekly chart above signals prices are flat-moving for now, with a slightly positive bias by its latest blue colour Heikin Ashi.

Ethereum over Bitcoin

This weekly chart of the latest 96 weeks shows the Ethereum Bitcoin Ratio.

This weekly chart shows the period from the beginning of January 2020 to present. There is now a weekly blue bar represented with a higher high and a higher low after multiple red bars. The charts seeks to clearify if Ethereum (ETH) moves stronger than Bitcoin (BITC) or the oposite. The outcome in this chart is the price of ETH divided by the price of ETH, and thereby formulated into an Heikin Ashi chart to make the development more visuable. 

The ETH BITC ratio moved in a narrow range this last week, so this week 44 could hopefully show some follow-through to be more convincing for the next phase. The broader consolidation since May could also fail to bring in an upcoming prevailing downtrend.


Metals into week 44

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectivly sideways this past week.

The latest bar is still blue, but as an 'inside bar' it is more difficult to say if this next week could break to the upside or downside. Let's follow the week closely. Going into November, this may be an exciting month as history shows the possibility of huge losses or big gains.


Here is how the price of Gold behaved throughout the month of October.

The 4 weeks of trading are put on top of each other to show excactly how the tradingweek develop. The weeks are named W1, W2, W3, and W4.


Into week 43 updated.

All sections are updated for PRE Monday Oct. 25., 2021:

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.

New this week !  All of the above can be viewed up against not only last year but also current prices vs 2 years ago.

Soft commodities into week 43.

The lower prices for Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa are presented below.

- Continuing the chart above from last week. There is now overhead resistance to "collective" Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices. The chart shows a lower low and a lower high on the weekly time scale. This signals potentially lower rather than higher prices for the soft commodities to come.

Metals into week 43.

Gold, Silver and Platinum are collectively higher this past week.

The chart above contains Gold, Silver and Platinum equally weighted. This last week shows a higher high and a higher low giving precious metals signs of further potential strength to come.

Bitcoin into Wednesday Oct. 20th

Bitcoin is up 47% since seasonal turningpoint Sep 26th. The graph below shows the price development where Blue is strength and Red indicates weakness.

This chart is updated frequently on the Bitcoin site.

Facts on Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa

So what about inflation - any pressure for Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa prices?

Absoulutely NOT. Looking at the 3 common soft commodities there is very little inflation in broader terms;  Since February 2020 into July this year, these commodities actually collectively fell 17%. The latest 13 weeks they are up 16%. The soft commodity markets are still lower than they where in February 2020, and also compared to December of last year.

The question becomes rather if it is ok to view them all 3 in the very same chart...


Looking at the weekly graph, there now seems to be collectively price resistance around the two former peaks formed the last two winterseasons. After the recent upside price pressure, history shows prices could quickly reverse down again or pause at current levels.

Sunday Oct 17th.

All sections are updated for Monday Oct. 18., 2021:

GoldSilverCoffeeSugarCocoaNasdaq100DAXBitcoinLumber and Platinum.


Metals into week 42

After week 41, metals markets are generally higher, and buiding higher highs and lows.

The chart of Gold, Silver and Platinum equally weighted, did show clear strength this past week. Looking at the graph, going into week 42 should be positive for higher precious metals prices to come.

Metals into week 41

After week 40, there are some signs to metals potentially moving higher with Platinum leading the pack. For the week Platinum was up 5% + , Gold unchanged and Silver + 0.6%.


This graph gives the picture of Gold, Silver and Platinum. All equally weighted.

The weekly chart do show a higher low and and a higher high. This is a positive sign. Looking at the weekly trend for three metals there is no change to the present downward pressure. But, if they do show strength through week 41, there will be renewed signs of possibly higher metal prices to come.


Metals into week 40

After week 39, metals are still havy with the attempt to go somewhat higher towards the end of the week.

The graph above consists of Gold, Silver and Platinum weighted 1/3 each. To get a clearer picture of the actual trend, the derived candle chart (Heikin Ashi) shows prices are still trading lower on a weekly timescale.

The low for the week was actually higher than prior week and similar to the week before. This could indicate some type of floor to the precious metals prices for now.

In order to be more confident in a potential renewed uptrend to come, markets should make a nice blue weekly bar this upcoming week # 40, October 04 - 08.

When is Low of the Year?

In the search for the Low-month of the year, here are the results:

Metals and index Low of the year

The table includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, DAX and Nasdaq100.

1 is January and 12 is December. 

2021: So far this year.

When is High of the Year?

In the search for the High-month of the year, here are the results:

High in metals and index

The table includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, DAX and Nasdaq100.

1 is January and 12 is December.

2021: So far this year.

Gold in week 39

Here is the overview of where Goldprices are at in the middle of week 39.

According to the chart the trend is down, and markets could easily see Gold continue to sell off from the current 1.737 level.

Metals after week 38

Gold, Silver and Platinum continue to perform poorly on a weekly basis.

Looking at the chart above where Gold, Silver and Platinum accounts for 33% each, the trend continues lower.

The latest week 38 bar, shows a lower low indicating continued weakness. In order to see strength in the metals space, investors should look for a renewed Blue bar on a weekly timescale to gain traction again.

Yearly high and lows

Throughout the year, how many days between yearly low and yearly high?

Here is an updated table of the duration between highs and lows and lows to highs in Calendardays. It does not tell when the highs and lows arrive, only duration between them. Updated 28.09.2021

Highs and Lows of the year 2001 - 2021

Over the last 20 years, the table shows that the average time between yearly high and yearly low is more than 200 calendardays (on average).

The last 10 years, the German DAX index and the US Nasdaq100 index have both reached its yearly high before its yearly low, every year but in 2018. Is there a change to this pattern in 2022 where the high of the year steps in first? 

This overview is a clear proof that trends lasts a while.

Metals for week 38, 2021

Precious Metals contine to trade lower giving Metal Bulls a prolonged headache. The latest seasonality trend did not work out for higher prices, and 2 weeks ago started a seasonal weaker period.

According to the weekly chart above where Gold, Silver and Platinum is equally weighted the overall trend continues sideways to south. Last week traded down through technical support levels for all 3.

As long as the bars are red, there is a weakening performance to the developments going forward. The very last bar shows a lower high and a lower low and thereby no sign of pushing higher (for now).


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