One Tradingday Ahead of the pack..

What if you had a map of where the markets are heading tomorrow or next week?

Reseach shows that 'Timing is everything' for daytraders and investors. The time of the day you buy and sell makes huge differences to your outcome because of the intraday swings. Being in the markets our goal is to make more money. So, the famous clock is an important tool for measuring a better entry and exit point.

At INTRADAY.SE, you find topics and perspectives about intraday trading, and other market patterns and behaviours. The point is to make information herein so valuable and useful that you will consider it as a tool for to your trading or trading ideas.  

Many, many years of research, observations, and thousands of trades - is the brain behind these (hopefully) informational web pages. By the way, the clock herein is generally displayed as GMT + 1HR.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy trading,