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- What if you had a map of where markets are heading tomorrow, the next week or the next month?

What time of the day, the week, or the month you trade will make a huge difference to the outcome and final results. Here we give you some insight in a different way of selected markets. Maybe it makes you better prepeared in making profitable trades. After all, staying invested your goal is to make more money.

At INTRADAY.SE, you see topics and perspectives about cycles, seasonalities, technicals, indicators, comparisons, ratios, events and more.

The sections under each individual instruments will hopefully give you a perspective of the present situation in:

Gold, Silver, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Nasdaq100DAXBitcoin and Platinum.

Decades of market studies, thousands of observations and thousands of trades are groundwork for our research. We hope you find this information value added to your ideas and your strategies. 

Times on are generally displayed as GMT + 1HR. / CET, and most analysis take into account all calendar days (including holidays and weekends).


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