Here are the components and weightings of the Nasdaq100 index.

Nasdaq100 index Future for Mondays vs Monday Oct 8th.


Intraday data from prior Mondays where collected and set into the graph in advance of Monday the 8th. This is the RED line. The blue line is placed into the chart post the session close.

Looking at the graphs above, 11:00 o'clock for October the 8th (Blue) looks to see an inverse relationship to prior Mondays.

- So, whats interresting is the timewindow, not necessarly  the upcoming direction. In this example, you see time as a the most essential factor as support to price. 

There are several ways to trade this play, and at 11:00 you might want to go long rather than short even if you map (RED) tells you to. This because price comes down into the timewindow, rather than up into the 11:00 timewindow (as the Red shows). Your stop loss for a long position from the 11:00 timewindow could be placed tight and trailing according to the graph, where worst case could see a break even trade.

What happens between 15:40 and 19:30 is not a point in this example. It is to show the importance of time, and that a timewindow may act as support as well as resistance to price behavior.