Here are the German DAX index (Weightings, Volumes, Sectors, Marketcap).


Below is an example of how to use historical intraday data to map potential upcoming intraday price behavior for the DAX FUTURE INDEX.


Let's say you want to trade Friday October 5th.

The Green graph above is created prior to your upcoming tradingday and thereby a given in advance.

Ahead of that Friday, we concluded how priceaction evolves on prior Fridays. We then use this prior priceaction as a map for the upcoming Friday.

When Friday comes, trades are done according to the green graph (sell out short @ 08:40 and then cover that short @ 14:50, GMT + 1 HR). When entering the shortposition, place stop loss 10 points away.

Looking at the red graph (actual priceaction Friday 5th) the trading strategy created one solid winning trade of more than 115 points in 6 hours.

Note: It is not uncommon to see a type of inverse priceaction, or priceaction totally different from the graphs above. Read Disclaimer below.