daily ranges - high to low or low to high

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This is the average intraday moves for the instruments. These are pinpoints to how much volatility you can expect for a day.

intraday chart and comment

NASDAQ100 NOW VS 2000 2007

Nasdaq100 index now compared to its topping development in 2000 and 2007.


Regardsless of how you look at it - this should be an interresting chart if you are into the markets in any way. The RED line shows where the Nasdaq100 index is trading right now indexed to the year 2000 top and the 2007 top.

The chart shows you the index performance 20 tradingdays pre the daily topaction, and 55 days post the daily top action. Looking at the 2007 top, the index trades sideways from todays levels for about 35 more tradingdays and then head further south. The 2000 development shows us a steep decline within the next few trading sessions, and thereby see more choppy to downtrending intradays.

Bitcoin last days


Today's graph shows you the intraday behavior of Bitcoin the passed 5 tradingsessions. Green is yesterdays move (Monday Aug. 4th).

Throughout the tradingdays displayed, there are certain times of the day which seems more interresting than others. The crypto currency looks to be alert around 09:30 and 15:00 GMT + 1 HR.

09:30 appears close to a price highpoint three times of the five days, and close to a price lowpoint two times.

The 15:00 o'clock mark could look like an accellerating time where more sellers steps in ex. yellow line.


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