daily ranges - high to low or low to high

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This is the average intraday moves for the instruments. These are pinpoints to how much volatility you can expect for a day.

intraday chart and comment

Best & Worst days Nasdaq100

Looking at the Nasdaq100 Future index intraday for the entire week the last weeks, you now see that Thursday is the strongest and the best intraday for Longs, and Friday is the weakest day and best intraday for Shorts. Analysis consists of intraday data from daily Opens through its Closees.

The intraday Thursday long positions should be exited just after the US Open at about 15:40, and the Fridays shorts should be held until session close.

Wednesdays seems to be a steady down day, and positions may well be kept from the Open to its close.

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Nasdaq100 Future index for Mondays.

If this is a proxy of the future index for todays intraday moves, you want to look out for a turnaround around 11 o'clock lasting at the most until about 10 minutes into the US trading session. Note that a major high or low (as the one we see afor 11:00) could well be a halting timewindow for further accumulation and a continuation of an exsisting trend. Always to kee stop loss in place. We then see a move from 15:40 to about 18:00. -Then turn around and trend to ten minutes before session close.


Looking at the last Mondays, here is the priceaction for German DAX index in a 10 minute chart. 1 bar represents 10 minutes.


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