daily ranges - high to low or low to high

  SINCE AUG 18  12.3  00.249  104  150.4  02.73  0.35  66.5  

This is the average intraday moves for the instruments. These are pinpoints to how much volatility you can expect for a day.

intraday chart and comment


OMX Sweden 30 index intraday Mondays displayed.


Looking at the last Mondays, this is how the priceaction for this Monday may evelove. Buying pressure from the open until about 11:10 thereby a low around 12:40. A top at 15:00 followed by a low around 16:40. Only time will show if this is a type of map for tomorrows intraday action.


...Looking back at this Monday the 8th, here is the result: Trading +1 point +- zero because of spread.


Timewindows from passed Mondays are placed into Monday the 08th intraday chart to show the test of the day.

I N T R A D A Y . S E



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